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The Flu is Nothing to Sneeze At!

10 Tips for Cold and Flu Prevention

  1. SCRUB! Wash your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds – and wash them often. If you can’t wash, then use a hand sanitizer. Use disinfectant wipes to clean phone mouthpieces, doorknobs, computer keyboards, and other hands-on surfaces

  2. COVER! Don’t cough or sneeze into your hands, where germs will be spread on everything you touch. Instead, use a tissue or the crook of your elbow.

  3. EAT RIGHT. Cut down on sugar and eat more fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system. If you do get infected with a cold or flu, you’ll be in better condition to help fend it off or shorten its stay.

  4. HANDS OFF! Don’t touch your face. Cold and flu viruses enter your body through the eyes, nose, or mouth. If you travel or are exposed to lots of people, you may increase your resistance by using throat sprays and zinc lozenges.

  5. DRINK plenty of water to help flush out toxins and keep you hydrated.

  6. WORK OUT! Aerobic exercise speeds up your heart, helps transfer oxygen from your lungs to your blood, and makes you sweat – all of which can help increase the body's natural virus-defending abilities.

  7. QUIT SMOKING. Statistics show that heavy smokers get more severe colds and more frequent ones.

  8. SUPPLEMENT. Take key protective supplements daily, such as Vitamin D, Pathway Immune System Support, and Sinus Survival Pro Biotic.

  9. SPRAY YOUR NOSE. Use a nasal spray, such as Sinus Survival Herbal Nasal Spray, to moisturize your nasal passages and help flush out bacteria and viruses.

  10. ASK OUR EXPERTS! Our nutrition advisors are equipped with the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, the most authoritative resource available, providing unbiased, scientific information on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies. We have access to the latest information on drug/nutrient interactions, nutrient depletions, effectiveness, optimal nutrient dosages, as well as safety during pregnancy and lactation.

What To Do If You Get the Flu (or Just a Cold)

Advice from Village Green Apothecary

Despite all your best efforts, you can still catch a cold or the flu. If that’s happened to you, here’s our best advice. Please follow these directions when you first suspect you’ve got a bug, and continue for 2-3 days.

Also, remember to drink plenty of fluids – water, herbal tea, and chicken soup!


  • Symptoms of cold/flu, bacterial infections, viral infections, sinus infections:
  • Cough/congestion:
    • Pathway Kids’ Cough 2-3 times per day in juice or water
      • 10-30 lb – use 10-20 drops
      • 31-60 lb – use 20-40 drops
      • 61 – 100 lb – use 60-90 drops


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