Individualized Nutrition, Pharmacy and Healthy Living

Intro to EHL

EHL Intro

Welcome to the EHL information system!

You can create your own personalized nutrition and healthy living program by clicking on specific areas of interest in the list below. You’ll find a wealth of information and product ideas to help you develop your own individualized plan for healthy living.

One of our Nutrition & Wellness coaches can help fine-tune your customized health plan, and can offer advice to address your particular health concerns.

The Essentials of Healthy LivingTM is a toolkit for a healthy and more youthful body and mind. The building blocks of basic good health start with five essential nutritional supplements.

Core Nutrition The foundation to good nutrition starts here.

The building blocks of basic good health start with five nutritional supplements: MultiVitamin/Mineral, Essential Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Probiotics, and Bone Nutrients. Stress, poor food choices, and illness deplete these core nutrient reserves. It is necessary to replenish these essential nutrients daily.

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Age & GenderYour age & gender define specific components best for you.

Because men and women age differently, they need to take different measures to maintain their health throughout their lives. Whether you are a man, woman, child, or teen, it is important to build a strong foundation with nutrition.

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Health ConcernsIndividual health concerns require additional support.

We recommended supportive nutrients for a variety of health concerns including Weight Management, Allergies, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and 22 others.

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LifestyleThe environment and the daily choices you make are significant.

Everyone knows that stress, exposure to toxins, dehydration, and lack of exercise are bad for your health. Here are important tips to support a healthy lifestyle

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DietDaily diet & food habits play an important part in your well-being.

Poor food choices and excess body weight is associated with many health risks. Here are important tips to make sure your body is getting the right balance of nutrients.

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