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  • The Key to Optimal Health: Understanding Nutritional Deficiencies

    by Heather Gunn | November 27, 2018

    Why do we get sick? Can we blame it on age? Is it because a co-worker or family member shared their germs? Maybe it’s because we are genetically at risk? Each of these factors has some influence on your wellness, but the bigger influence may be your micronutrient status, including nutritional deficiencies. Read more

  • Pregnancy and Vitamin D Status

    by Paula Gallagher | November 15, 2010

    Read the following article that I picked up at my doctor's office the other day. It is a nice overall piece about vitamin D deficiency and its role in almost every aspect of this important nutrient.

    More Know About Vitamin D Benefits
    By Don Sapatkin

    Amy McDonald, 34 weeks into her second pregnancy with gestational diabetes, was in for a routine checkup in Bala Cynwyd: blood pressure (fine), fetal heartbeat (loud), review of home blood-sugar monitoring (time-consuming).

    A lab test for Vitamin D had come back low on a previous visit, and McDonald was now taking supplements.

    "Any problems with the Vitamin D?" asked her doctor, Daphne M. Goldberg, who had recommended at least 10 times the dosage in federal guidelines. (No problems.)

    Most women don't hear about Vitamin D during prenatal visits. Indeed, studies linking widespread deficiency of the "sunshine vitamin" to a host of seemingly unrelated conditions - among them heart disease, arthritis, depression, psoriasis, influenza, and several types of cancer - have been coming so fast and furious that government guidelines can't keep up. No one even knows what a "normal" level should be. Read more

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