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  • Snack Today: Maple Nut Granola

    by Paula Gallagher | March 11, 2019

    It is maple syrup season and really it is our first spring crop. I am lucky to be surrounded by sugar maple bushes and and maple syrup festivals are kicking into high gear. If you ever have the opportunity to check out a maple syrup farm, you will not regret it. The amount of work and love that goes into producing maple syrup is truly something.

    The time period for sugar water collection is short, usually occurring during two to three weeks in March and April. It is when people who tap wait patiently for the ideal time, when temperatures drop below freezing at night and rise above freezing during the day. Read more

  • Snack Today: Maple Granola

    by Paula Gallagher | April 1, 2015

    maple-syrup-kids A tapped maple tree with a bucket catching the sap, and boiling the sap.

    It is maple syrup-making time around these parts. We are lucky enough to live in an area where maple syrup is in abundance and seeing the process from tapping to pouring it over waffles and pancakes has become a tradition for our family.

    Maple syrup is the result of boiling down the sap collected from maples, over hours and hours. The result is liquid gold that is at least 66% sugar. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup and this is one reason for its hefty price tag.

    Maple syrup also has phenolic compounds, the same antioxidants found in  berries, tomatoes, tea, red wine and flax seeds. But because it is a high-calorie, high-sugar food, it should be consumed in moderation. That being said, maple syrup is our main sweetener. We love the taste, the versatility and pureness of it.

    Here is an easy granola recipe using maple syrup as the sweetener. I use this as a topping for Greek yogurt. It provides a satisfying crunch and sweetness, yet still manages to be healthy! Read more

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