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  • Dinner Tonight: Roasted Fall Veggies with Tahini Dressing

    by Paula Gallagher | October 30, 2018

    Roasted Fall Veggies is a perfect way to take advantage of all the great seasonal vegetables, and it is a delicious side to roasted chicken. Adding chickpeas also makes this a meal that could easily be served as a light dinner alongside whole grain rice or quinoa. The meal offers tons of protein, fiber and antioxidants, thanks to cauliflower, Swiss chard, butternut squash and garlic.

    But what makes this dish extra special is the tahini sauce made with fresh orange juice. You can drizzle this on any grilled or roasted vegetable and it would be a hit. You could also use the tahini sauce on sandwiches! Read more

  • Event: Wise Traditions Conference November 16-19

    by Paula Gallagher | October 29, 2018

    wise traditions conferenceFor anyone interested in good food and good health, this is the event for you. Register to attend the Wise Traditions Conference 2018, the Weston A. Price Foundation's 19th annual international conference. This year's theme is Nurturing Therapies for Chronic Disease – Transforming Our Health.

    The event is taking place in Baltimore and runs from November 16 to November 19. It includes many speakers that have been on EHL radio, including Stephanie Seneff, Sally Fallon, and Elizabeth Plourde.

    The conference offers:

    • Life-changing lectures
    • Cooking classes
    • Wise Kids Program Read more

  • Snack Today: Avocado and Chickpea Boats

    by Paula Gallagher | October 24, 2018

    This recipe makes a great appetizer or snack, but can easily double as a light lunch. Combining two super nutritious foods, chickpeas and avocados, makes for a protein and fiber packed recipe that is easy to make, vegan, gluten-free and delicious, too.

    Chickpeas are legumes and research has shown that people who consume legumes regularly have a reduced risk of coronary heart disease. Chickpeas also offer calcium, folate, magnesium and potassium, all of which are cardio-protective nutrients. On top of all that, one cup of chickpeas provides 11 grams of fiber. Read more

  • Reducing Food Waste: Tips Toward a Zero Waste Kitchen

    by Paula Gallagher | October 23, 2018

    According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, almost 40% of the food produced and distributed in the United States never gets eaten. That works out to an estimated $160 billion in food a year. Waste disposal is also expensive and costs billions and billions annually. There are also  environmental and social consequences, such as increased greenhouse gas emissions and hunger among the less fortunate.  Add non-edible waste that is associated with food, like plastic products and food packaging, and we have a big problem.

    This is why starting at home and working toward a zero waste kitchen is important. Achieving a zero waste kitchen may seem daunting Read more

  • Nightmare King Burger is Truly a Nightmare

    by Neal Barnard, MD, FACC | October 22, 2018

    Burger King just confirmed that meat and cheese don't just cause nightmare diseases – they actually cause nightmares. The fast-food chain just launched its Nightmare King sandwich, which it says is "clinically proven to induce nightmares."

    The company says it conducted a scientific study over 10 nights with 100 participants who ate the Nightmare King Before they went to bed. This sandwich consisted of a quarter pound of beef, a chicken fillet, cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, and onions on a green sesame seed bun. Read more


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