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Daily Archives: January 15, 2013

  • Why Fat Phobia Will Foil Your Health

    by Jared Rice | January 15, 2013

    We all know a few fat phobics. Holdovers from a past era of dietary fads. They’re constantly referring to things as “fattening” (a word I’ve come to hate as a nutritionist). Their refrigerators are full of “lite” and “non-fat” versions of name-brand processed foods, things like non-fat salad dressing, which is nothing short of a food science miracle, or fat-free ice cream bars rife with additives you’ve never heard of. All this dietary effort, they’ll say, is to prevent the intake of excess fat, and thus the storage of fat in the body. I only wish things were that simple – eat fat, get fat! That would make my job a lot easier. (Or maybe I wouldn’t have a job.) Truth is, despite their hyper-lean methods, fat phobic eaters are almost always struggling with their body weight in one way or another.

    As we’ve moved on to the low-carb era, why have we still not mended fences with dietary fats? Why have we not let go of the rumors and slander slung for so long about this quintessential dietary compound?  Read more

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