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  • New Product: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    by Paula Gallagher | October 17, 2018

    Coconut oil is one of the biggest trends in the food, health and beauty industries. One of the reasons is that it is so easy to use! But when purchasing coconut oil you want to make sure that is of the highest quality. Key features of our new Pathway Coconut Oil are that it is cold-pressed, hexane free, unrefined, organic and non-GMO.

    Coconut oil has many benefits, but like with anything, moderation is key. Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids, a form that the body converts to energy more quickly. The majority of the saturated fat in coconut oil is in the form of lauric acid, which is why many consider it to be a healthier choice than other fat sources. There are studies that show that lauric acid can increase your HDL or "healthy" cholesterol" and lower your LDL or "lethal" cholesterol. It is nut-free, gluten-free, carb-free, and Paleo Diet-friendly. Read more

  • Dinner Tonight: Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

    by Paula Gallagher | October 16, 2018

    I love fall. The change of color in the leaves, beautiful mums on doorsteps, cooler weather, and most especially the food! Apples, spinach, cauliflower and the variety of squashes are at their peaks right now, so take advantage of the fruits of fall and try something different.

    Butternut squash soup is one of the easiest and healthiest meals to make. Butternut squash are rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin C and antioxidants. I usually keep it simple, but sometimes I add some heat with Thai inspired flavors for an extra yummy meal. Read more

  • Fall Sale: Prevent Colds with Sinus Survival

    by Margo Gladding | October 15, 2018

    Even if you’ve been plagued by sinus conditions for ages, Sinus Survival is a program that can finally bring you serious, long-term relief. Sinus Survival products can also help with prevention of colds and sinusitis. Right now Village Green Apothecary is offering 20% off on Sinus Survival products and 25% off their bundles until Oct 27.

    We often think of sinus problems being at their worst in the spring and summer months, but did you know that winter can also be a difficult time for sinus sufferers? Winter brings cold temperatures and damp weather, and illnesses such as colds and the flu. Read more

  • Postpartum Blues

    by Paula Gallagher | October 10, 2018

    A friend of mine is a first-time mom and she reached out because she was struggling with emotions and feeling overwhelmed. She reminded me of myself 10 years ago. Almost 10 years ago, I had my son. He makes me laugh, keeps me busy and amazes me with his adventurous spirit and kind heart. But 10 years ago it was a different story. Everyone always told me that nothing could prepare one for life with a new baby, especially emotionally, and boy was that true. What surprised me the most was how truly hard everything seemed to be, and in reality it was. Luckily, I had a wonderful support system and a doctor who Read more

  • Sore Throat Remedies

    by Paula Gallagher | October 9, 2018

    Even after the handwashing, the healthy food, the immune supporting supplements... one of us seems to come down with something. Right now, it is a sore throat (strep throat?), fever and a tummy ache. It is most likely a virus, so we wait and rest and do lots of healing things to try to feel better.

    Here are a few soothing sore throat remedies to try to help you and your loved ones ease the pain of a sore throat.

    Salt water gargle: Studies have shown that gargling with salt water can help ease the pain and discomfort associated with a sore throat. Read more


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