Individualized Nutrition, Pharmacy and Healthy Living

Articles & Health Information

Healthy Hormone Balance and Natural Treatment Options for Men and Women – Safe and effective alternative therapies for menopause symptoms

Pain Management Protocols – Foundation support and condition specific support for pain management

Dietary Supplements – General information, regulations, quality differences and resouces

Wellness in the Workplace –
How to Increase Employee Productivity with a Plan for Healthy Living

A corporate wellness plan can produce valuable rewards for both employees and employers.

The Missing Link in Healthcare Reform –
Why healthy living & prevention aren't part of the plan…but need to be

Marc Isaacson, CEO/President of Village Green Apothecary explains why healthy living and prevention should be included in, if not the focus of healthcare reform.

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Prevention Guidelines – Supplement recommendations and tips to significantly reduce your risk of getting sick

Tips for Preventing Flu in Your Workplace – A handy information sheet and supplements for immune system support

Drug Nutrient Interactions and Nutrient Depletions – These charts list the most common drug-nutrient interactions and nutrient depletions

Brain Health – Nutritional supplements and healthy dietary and lifestyle practices

The Calcium Challenge – Dr. James Brodsky’s answers to patients questions about calcium

An Integrative Approach for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – Strategies for managing symptoms