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SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing

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What is SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing?

It is a scientifically proven method of assessing nutritional deficiencies, developed by SpectraCell Laboratories, a specialized clinical testing company. They believe that optimal individual nutritional status is vital for promoting general health and preventing many specific diseases. Because Village Green shares this belief, we have chosen to partner with SpectraCell to offer this unique testing to our customers at discounted prices.  

What Makes SpectraCell Micronutrient Testing So Special?

Scientific evidence shows that analyzing white blood cells gives us the most accurate analysis of the body's deficiencies. SpectraCell’s Micronutrient Test directly measures the function of nutrients within white blood cells, specifically T lymphocytes. White blood cell nutrient status gives us a long-term picture of how you have been using a nutrient for 3-12 months prior to today.

This comprehensive test measures 35 nutritional components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. It also analyzes immune system performance and antioxidant function through advanced patented technology. Village Green has health coaches that can help you understand what your deficiencies mean collectively, and what they also mean in relationship to other panels such as thyroid, hormone, and cardiovascular assessments, which are additional tests offered by SpectraCell Laboratories.

Why is Village Green a Great Place to Get SpectraCell Testing?

  1. We offer free blood draws most Fridays between 10am -1pm in Suite 202A (directly across the parking lot from Village Green).
  2. No appointment is necessary.
  3. SpectraCell has additional tests, such hormone, thyroid, and cardiometabolic panels, also offered at discounted prices (see below).
  4. We offer discounted prices* payable at the time of the blood draw.
Spectracell Test
With Most Insurance Plans**
Cash Price
Fasting Required
Thyroid and thyroid plus adrenal
Reverse T3
Cardiometabolic (includes diabetes panel)
Diabetes panel only


*Prices subject to changes.
**Test costs vary for Cigna insurance; Micronutrient Test is $190.

How It Works

  1. Come to Suite 202A on a Friday 10am-1pm. Bring your insurance card and payment with you.
  2. Sign in with your name and contact information, and the health practitioner you would like your results to be sent to. This could be your doctor, chiropractor, nutritionist, or other health care practitioner. If you are not working with a health care practitioner, you can have your test results received by our staff nutritionist, Amanda Buxbaum, MS, CNS, LDN.
  3. Pay the appropriate fees.
  4. Have your blood drawn.
  5. In 3 weeks your test results will come to your health care practitioner. If Amanda Buxbaum is receiving them, she will email them to you. If another health care provider is receiving them, you will need to arrange for them to be emailed to you by your provider..

Your SpectraCell Test Results

Your SpectraCell results provide you with a detailed overview of your nutritional deficiencies, borderline nutritional deficiencies, and repletion suggestions (specific dosages and forms of nutrients that would help you correct your tested deficiencies). Village Green carries over 10,000 health products, including many of the top professional brands such as Xymogen, Thorne, Metagenics, MegaFood, Klaire, Innate, Pure Encapsulations, NeuroScience, Integrative Therapeutics, and many more. We can also create custom compounds based on your SpectraCell results. Our expert staff at Village Green can guide you to the optimal supplements for you, containing the highest quality ingredients to ensure optimal absorption and health benefits.

SpectraCell Results Consultation

If you have questions about your results or are wondering where to begin in terms of supplementation, our health experts at Village Green are available for private consultations to review your results with you and provide a personalized supplement protocol. We can help you integrate your SpectraCell test results into your larger health plan, including your diet and lifestyle, likes and dislikes, routines, and the logistics of your life.

During an appointment (either in person or over the phone) your health coach will provide a detailed overview and interpretation of your test results, address your health concerns, identify possible drug/nutrient depletions, and answer any questions you may have. You will receive professional recommendations for high quality supplements and/or your coach will create a personalized formula. The fee for a consultation is $95 for 1 hour.

Meet Village Green’s SpectraCell Point Person:

Amanda BuxbaumAmanda Buxbaum, MS, CNS, LDN

Amanda Buxbaum is a licensed nutritionist with an MS in Human Nutrition and special training in SpectraCell lab report analyses. She has an exceptionally strong analytical background, previously working as an actuarial analyst specializing in health plan valuations for MONY, The Equitable, and Towers Perrin, and teaching HS math in Liberia, West Africa with the Peace Corps and at The Maret School in DC. She has had the following additional education and training: AMTA certified Massage Therapist, Ayurvedic Medicine and Polarity Therapy at Kripalu, seven national Weston A. Price conferences, an Ancestral Health Conference at Harvard, an international NIH “Nutrition and Cancer Prevention Research” practicum invited through a competitive admissions process, a certified Qi Gong instructor, and she regularly attends lectures and events sponsored by NIH, ADA and other health and nutritional organizations. Amanda is also in her seventh year as a popular nutrition professor at Montgomery College. But, above all, Amanda has a kind, person-centered approach, really hearing you and meeting you where you are. She is a gentle and effective “change-agent,” helping you to move toward greater wholeness, capacity, healing, and vitality.

To Schedule a Consultation For Questions About SpectraCell Testing & Billing
Amanda Buxbaum, MS, CNS, LDN
Heather Gunn, MS, CNS, LDN