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  • 6 Blogs to Help With Back to School

    by Paula Gallagher | August 28, 2017

    back-to-schoolFor some, school has already started, but for many this is the last week of summer before the schedules, homework and activities start up again. It is a hectic and busy time of year and can be stressful for both kids and parents.

    From worrying about what to pack for lunch, to wondering what types of germs they are going to be bringing home, these 6 blogs will provide tips, tricks and ideas to make the transition from summer to school a little easier.

    Healthy School Lunches: We all want healthy meals for our children – but in a busy world, achieving this is sometimes easier said than done. Read more

  • Emotional Intelligence: A Mental/Emotional Muscle Worth Strengthening

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | August 22, 2017

    emotional-intelligenceAccording to Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence and more, emotional intelligence is a trait not measured by IQ tests – it’s instead a set of skills, including control of one’s impulses, self-motivation, empathy and social competence in interpersonal relationships. He suggests that emotional intelligence is a better predictor of success in life than family, socioeconomic status and IQ.

    So what does this mean and how can we use this information to help us personally and professionally?
    Read more

  • Attachment Styles and How They Show Up in Our Relationships

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | August 14, 2017

    thoughtful-3Welcome back to this blog series on rewiring the brain, neuroplasticity, resilience and more.

    In the first of the series, we talked about the different ways our brain becomes conditioned and how we can begin to change it. In the second post, we talked about our protective “negativity bias” and the autonomic nervous system, which revs us up (the job of the sympathetic nervous system) or slows us down (the job of the parasympathetic nervous system).

    In this post, we’ll dive in a little deeper into how our programming takes shape when we’re young. Read more

  • Your Programming and Your Negativity Bias

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | July 26, 2017

    negativity-bias-pensiveBefore the age of 2, different attachment styles are encoded into us. When we’re loved, nurtured and supported, we’re off to a healthy start as far as how we feel about and handle ourselves. We can have a stronger sense of self, and can feel more confident and trusting in others and ourselves. When we’re raised in an environment where the love and attention was sporadic, uncertain and/or dangerous and threatening, however, we move into our adult lives with more anxiety and fear. We may not be as trusting, may over- or under-compensate to feel loved and accepted, and may struggle with a healthy sense of self.

    Are we stuck with this programming if we had a rough start? Read more

  • 8 Benefits of Water Workouts

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | June 19, 2017

    With the summer here, you may be spending more time at the beach, pool or lake. Are there benefits to working out in the water and can you get a great water workout? Yes you can, and here are 8 reasons why.

    1. Less impact. With so many of the exercises we do from day to day, there’s constant and continual pounding on our muscles and joints. Take running for example. It’s the same movement, along with the same pounding on your knees and joints. Read more


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