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  • 10 Tips for Easier Holiday Meals

    by Paula Gallagher | December 6, 2016

    cookingIt might be the happiest season of all, but it could also be the most stressful, especially if you are hosting a dinner or two. Add that to shopping, rushing to parties, cleaning, and preparing gifts and these endless holiday activities are enough to stress out the best of us.

    So the following tips for preparing easier holiday meals are dedicated to the person who loves to host and cook, but feels overwhelmed with the prospect of such a huge responsibility because even the most experienced cooks and hosts need time out to relax and enjoy the season. Read more

  • Your Emotional Strength and Resilience

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | November 8, 2016

    DSC_0013Never give up. Ever. The road to mediocrity is a crowded one. It’s so easy to give up and that’s why so many people do.

    Over the past few weeks the topics of persistence, dedication, emotional strength and resilience kept coming up with my clients. So many obstacles kept presenting themselves and my clients find they’re playing one big game of  “whack-a-mole” where they overcome one obstacle only for another to show up. While it’s so easy to look at it and say “why me,” I see it from a different viewpoint. Read more

  • Feeling Fantastic at 40... and Beyond

    by Paula Gallagher | October 11, 2016

    laughingAre you female, 40 to 50, and feeling frustrated, fatigued and flabby? If this sounds at all familiar, read on.

    Many women fear 40 and beyond, thinking that the best is behind them. However, this is not the case. As a card-carrying member of the 40-and beyond-crowd, I can tell you that feeling fantastic at 40 is not beyond reach... and it can also be more fun!

    We are all aware of the aging process. Not just the physical telltale signs, but the emotional ones as well. Emotional highs and lows, anxiety, lack of sleep and chronic stress... it all requires great effort and some days it's downright overwhelming. But there are simple things we can do to continue to have vibrant healthy lives.

    Read more

  • A Helpful Strategy: The One More Principle

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | October 3, 2016

    one-more-principleSo often we set goals for ourselves and look forward to the feeling of success when those goals are achieved. We set the bar high and look forward to the day we can celebrate our accomplishment and for achieving a new level of personal or professional success. Maybe our goal is to lose 20 pounds, regain our health, improve our business, our financial status or reconnect with loved ones. Regardless of the goal we set, here’s what often happens.

    While these goals can inspire us to be, do and have more, we’re often left with a keen sense of disappointment if we fail to achieve them. We feel frustrated, upset and angry with ourselves as we identify a failure to reach the goal we set as somehow failing ourselves. We may assume that failing to achieve the goal means we’re not capable of change. So often, we also respond to these setbacks by giving in, giving up and staying exactly where we are.

    So, here’s a thought. Read more

  • You Write the Script on How Others Treat You

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | August 8, 2016

    thoughtfulYou write the script for how others treat you. Treat yourself with respect and kindness, expect respect and kindness. Treat yourself with love and compassion, love and compassion will be the way others treat you.

    The people in your life are following your lead. They’re acting, behaving, and relating to you according to the rules you set. Here’s an example. I had a client who was so frustrated because she kept dating “the same type of guy.” She couldn’t understand why she was constantly mistreated and taken advantage of. Read more


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