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  • Stop and Enjoy Your Food to Prevent Metabolic Syndrome

    by Paula Gallagher | November 28, 2017

    family-mealWhile exercise has been shown to reduce obesity and other health conditions, including helping prevent Syndrome X, a metabolic illness largely characterized by resistance to insulin, new research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions in California suggests that people who eat slowly are less likely than speed-eaters to become obese or to develop metabolic syndrome. Syndrome X, or metabolic syndrome, has been proven to be a lead-in to developing diabetes and heart disease, and may affect an estimated 20-40% of North Americans.

    According to the author, eating more slowly may be a crucial lifestyle change to help prevent metabolic syndrome. Read more

  • It's Thanksgiving: How to Avoid Heartburn Naturally

    by Paula Gallagher | November 20, 2017

    ThanksgivingWith Thanksgiving around the corner, you may overindulge at your get-together and you may be rewarded with heartburn. Instead of grabbing for the antacid, here are some natural remedies that you can try to help avoid heartburn naturally.

    Eating habits tend to be the biggest culprit behind heartburn. If you suffer from heartburn on a regular basis, you may need to change the way you eat, and what you eat. Fatty, fried, or high-protein foods, alcohol, and coffee are all foods that can trigger heartburn.

    Also make sure to chew your food and eat slowly. Read more

  • Prostate Cancer Prevention

    by Paula Gallagher | November 13, 2017

    man-with-tomatoesOne in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. And although treatment and early detection are important, prostate cancer prevention is critical in slowing down the rate of this disease, as well as other male cancers.

    Prostate cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in men over 75 years old. Age and family history are the primary risk factors. Prostate cancer rarely occurs in men under the age of 45-50 years old. It is also much more likely (double the risk) if you have a first-degree relative with prostate cancer, particularly a brother. Read more

  • Natural Congestion Relief

    by Margo Gladding | November 8, 2017

    colds-and-flu_aNow that we have entered cold and flu season, I often get asked what one can do to help loosen chest congestion and relieve coughs. Two of my favorite herbal products for natural congestion relief, that are best taken together, are Pathway Congest-Eeze and Pathway Ginger Zinger Cough Syrup. I recommend taking them at the first sign of chest discomfort. Herbs such as echinacea, garlic, thyme, licorice, wild cherry bark, ginger and oregano oil all work in combination to support upper respiratory health and immunity.

    In addition, I also highly recommend doing steam inhalations. Read more

  • How to Detox Every Day

    by Paula Gallagher | November 6, 2017

    water-glassDetoxes, or cleanses, are recommended by many natural healthcare practitioners for a number of reasons, including weight loss, improving liver and kidney function, and cleansing the body. Usually they are done a few times a year. However, there are little things you can do to detox every day, in order to help your body run better.

    Our bodies are constantly moving chemicals and wastes through our detoxification systems and eliminating toxins regularly. Unfortunately, in our modern-day lifestyle, there are often more toxins going in than our detox and elimination organs can keep up with. Read more


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