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  • 5 Pathway Supplements for a Strong Immune System

    by Paula Gallagher | November 18, 2014

    coldsThey are calling it Snowvember in my parts... and along with all the fluffy white stuff comes runny noses, nagging coughs and itchy throats. Although we were caught off guard with the early snowfall, I am determined to not to let our immune systems suffer the consequences.

    Pathway supplements are effective, safe and contain only the highest quality ingredients. And until December 31, they are 35% off at our Winter Sale! Here are five great Pathway supplements that help support the immune system and kick colds to the curb a little bit sooner.

    1. Pathway Cold and Sinus Blaster is designed to provide immediate relief for sinus and nasal congestion. This unique herbal formula also stimulates and supports the immune system. Several key ingredients include horseradish, echinacea, elderberry, garlic, peppermint oil, and goldenseal.

    2. Pathway CongestEeze offers respiratory support for those who suffer from congestion, colds, asthma, and recurring lung congestion. CongestEeze contains fresh osha, lomatium, yerba santa leaf, garlic, mullein thyme, licorice, oregan grape root, echinacea, ginger, oregano and wild cherry – all of which provide respiratory support. CongestEeze helps maintain respiratory health and supports lung immunity.  Read more

  • Nutrient Deficiencies Are Common: We’re Here to Help

    by Marc Isaacson, President, Village Green Apothecary | November 12, 2014

    family-in-woodsRecent studies show that many people are not getting the nutrients their bodies need. In spite of the fact that 65% of Americans take supplements, 98% have nutrient deficiencies. Why is this? There are many factors at play here, and one of them is that taking a multivitamin without an understanding of what you need is like throwing darts in the dark.

    Here are a few more reasons why nutrient deficiencies are so prevalent:

    • Prescriptions can rob you of specific nutrients that are not taken into account in mass-produced multivitamins.
    • Our diets are not always nutritionally balanced.
    • Over-farming and other commercial farming practices have created foods with less nutrient density.
    • Stress, negative emotions and poor diet can lower body pH, which affects vital nutrients as the body works to rebalance pH.
    • Each person has unique biochemical needs that may be different from other people’s needs.

    Why does matching your body’s nutrient needs matter?

    • Nutrient deficiencies are a leading cause of chronic health conditions and diseases.
    • Nutrients are the essential building blocks for maintaining good health.
    • Nutrients allow the body to build, repair and to help you feel your best.  Read more

  • Overfed and Undernourished: You Are What You Eat

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | November 10, 2014

    drive-thruAccess to nutritionally depleted, technologically created, chemically treated “food” has many of us taking in thousands of empty calories, each and every day, without realizing the cost.

    The saying, "you are what you eat" carries a serious measure of truth. If you’re like most people, you’re overfed and undernourished. And when it comes to your weight and overall health, that’s no laughing matter.

    It’s so easy to grab prepackaged, convenient vending machine, drive-thru or shelf food – but what price are you really paying for all that “convenience”?

    • Larger sized clothing
    • Higher medical bills
    • Decreased energy and quality of life

    Our bodies are designed to eat fresh, natural, whole foods that supply us with an endless variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber and incredible nutrients.

    Think about all the many benefits (including better, fresher, more satisfying taste) that healthy foods provide. Is it really worth it to save a few short minutes of your day, pulling through the fast food drive-thru and spending your hard-earned dollars on items that can take even more from you – like your health, youth and energy?

    You may not realize it, but here’s what also happens when you eat this way:

    • Since foods that don’t nourish you can’t truly satisfy you, you overeat to try to find that satisfaction.

    • These are the foods that are the root cause of many illnesses and diseases.  Read more

  • We're Here to Help You: Prescription Risks and Nutrient Deficiencies

    by Marc Isaacson, President, Village Green Apothecary | November 5, 2014

    leaves-nutrient-deficiencyDid you know that many prescription medications cause nutrient deficiencies? In plants, you can tell the signs of nutrient deficiencies just by looking at the leaves. In humans, symptoms may show up as fatigue, discolored nails, lackluster or brittle hair, or in other ways. Prescription risks and nutrient deficiencies, often shown through symptoms such as these, are the precursors to future ill health.

    Prescription interactions are the fourth leading cause of emergency visits in the U.S. If you take a prescription, there are risks that can cause future conditions unless you know how to balance them.

    Many common medications can rob the body of vital vitamins and minerals, leading to numerous symptoms and future chronic conditions. Other prescriptions may have negative interactions with specific supplements, for example, a medication might need to be taken several hours before or after taking supplements to avoid interference with the medication’s absorption. Empowered with knowledge, you can make better-informed decisions and even balance out nutritional deficiencies, eliminating symptoms and future health risks.

    We have many resources to help you with your questions about prescriptions, including:  Read more

  • What to Do With Your Pumpkins After Halloween

    by Paula Gallagher | November 4, 2014

    Pumpkin Carving at the Gallaghers Pumpkin Carving at the Gallaghers

    Are you wondering what to do with your pumpkins after Halloween? Don't kick your them to the curb just yet. Whether you carved them, or left them whole, this mighty squash has plenty of life in it yet.

    Composting is a wonderful way to recycle your pumpkin. If your city offers a composting program, then make use of it, especially if your jack-o-lantern has been out for a while. However, if you have a garden, compost it yourself. It is as easy as burying it in the ground. Worms love the soft flesh of pumpkins! Burying it also keeps any smells below ground, keeps unwanted bugs away, and keeps your soil happily full of nutrients before next year’s planting season. Needless to say, make sure to remove any candles, wax, or foil beforehand.

    Here are three blogs that will give you tips on what to do with your pumpkin, once the ghouls and goblins have left.

    1. What to Do With Your Pumpkin: Did you know that pumpkins are fruits? They are part of the same family as melons and cucumbers. If you have whole pumpkins with seeds still intact, this blog will give you plenty of ideas to make the most of this nutrient dense fruit.

    2. Fantastic Benefits of Pumpkin: Plus get my recipes for roasted pumpkin seeds.

    3. Interesting Fact About Pumpkin Pies: Read this link to find out why you may need to do some baking. Attention, men!  :)

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