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  • Introducing Our New Health Resource: The Natural Medicines Database

    by Margo Gladding | November 18, 2015

    natural-medicines-databaseOne of our great missions at Village Green Apothecary is to provide support and education to our customers. On a daily basis, we field numerous questions about various health challenges and help navigate customers through confusing or conflicting news reports. We also provide guidance to customers wanting to take nutrients safely alongside prescription medications.

    In an effort to provide even greater care, we have a new comprehensive tool to use with customers. Called the Natural Medicines Database, it is considered the most authoritative resource available, providing unbiased, scientific clinical information on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary, alternative, and integrative therapies.

    Some of the key features of this in-depth tool include the ability to check for drug/nutrient interactions, effectiveness, nutrient depletions, safety during pregnancy and lactation, as well as adverse effects. In addition, the Natural Medicines Database has over 1,200 food, herb and supplement monographs with information about effectiveness, dosage and administration, adverse effects, and warnings with medications. There are also monographs on health and wellness, sports medicine and medical conditions. All Database materials are updated on an ongoing basis and are thoroughly referenced. Read more

  • National Healthy Lunch Day: 8 Ways to Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

    by Paula Gallagher | November 17, 2015

    lentil-saladToday is National Healthy Lunch Day, organized by the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness about the need to make healthy choices at lunchtime.

    Type 2 diabetes occurs when your pancreas can't produce enough insulin to metabolize the amount of sugar that you are ingesting. Diet, excess body weight, lack of exercise, and heredity  often play significant roles in developing type 2 diabetes. At least 92% of type 2 diabetes cases can be attributed to lifestyle choices, with 8% attributable to genetics.

    Basically, type 2 diabetes is often extremely preventable. Here are eight ways in which you can reduce your risk.

    1. Get moving, lose weight: The association between abdominal fat, or the apple-shaped body, and type 2 diabetes is well established. Fat cells, particularly abdominal adipocytes, secrete a number of biological products that slow the effects of insulin, impair the body’s ability to use sugar, and interfere with insulin production from the pancreas. Read more

  • Is Your Diet Making You Tired?

    by Paula Gallagher | November 11, 2015

    tiredAre you going through the day feeling sluggish, even though you have had 7 to 8 hours of sleep? It may not be your amount of sleep that's making you feel less than your best. Rather, what you are eating may be at fault. Is your diet making you tired?

    How Often Are You Eating? Do you need some coffee mid-afternoon to make it through the rest of the workday? Many of us hit an afternoon "lull" around 3-4 pm. It may be due to a drop in blood sugar. Having a healthy snack between meals will keep blood sugar balanced, keep metabolism up, can help to support healthy weight loss, and can prevent afternoon fatigue.

    Sugar Control: Avoid sugary snacks that will cause large fluctuations in blood sugar, and instead pair a piece of fruit with some yogurt or nut butter. Make your own trail mix with raw nuts and seeds. Try some veggies with hummus. What you may notice with all of these snack options is that they all include a little protein and some fiber – both important to a healthy diet. Protein and fiber help to stabilize blood sugar, promote regular elimination, and support optimal health, including energy, focus and stamina to get through your day. Read more

  • 5 Tips to Prepare for Cold Season

    by Paula Gallagher | November 9, 2015

    cold+catWe are in the thick of it here. Coughing, runny noses and plenty of sneezing. The common cold took us by surprise, especially with the warm weather we have been having. So now we are all taking it a little easy, drinking plenty of fluids, and loading up on fruits and veggies. Here are five other tips to help you prepare for cold season.

    1. Vitamin D – Immune support is just one of the many benefits of vitamin D. Research has shown that if your vitamin D levels are low, your immune system suffers. Start with 1000 mg per day and talk to your healthcare practitioner about getting your levels tested. You may need to take a lot more.

    2. Sleep – Sleep may be the best treatment and prevention for colds and flu. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system – leading us to have a less than optimal fever response (fever is actually the body’s way of fighting infection), and less antibodies produced on exposure to these viruses. The result? Stronger symptoms and a longer duration of symptoms, compared to individuals who are getting adequate sleep. Read more

  • November 17: National Healthy Lunch Day

    by Paula Gallagher | November 3, 2015

    healthy-lunchObesity and type 2  diabetes are epidemics in this country. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 17% (or 12.7 million) of children and adolescents  between the ages of 2 and 19 are obese. And over 1/3 of adults are considered obese, plus 29.1 million Americans have diabetes, which is about 9.3% of the population.

    The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is looking to change those statistics by starting the first National Healthy Lunch Day. They are hoping to raise awareness of how lifestyle changes, especially what we eat, can make positive impacts on our lives. Figuring out what is healthy and what is not can be a challenge. On their website they provide useful tips to help you make the right choices.

    If you are one of many Americans who never has time to pack a lunch, you may want to find some time. Packing your lunch and using smart choices can save you money, calories and most importantly, your life.

    Here are some easy and quick tips from the ADA on how to pack a healthy lunch. Read more

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