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  • Getting Back Into Exercise: How to Discover Your Perfect Workout

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | August 4, 2014

    Starting an exercise program or getting back into exercise after being away from it for a while, doesn’t always come easily. It takes a conscious effort to begin and maintain a workout that’ll bring results. What’s the key and possibly one of the greatest hurdles to overcome? Getting started. Here’s how.

    What does the perfect workout look like to you?

    Any attempt to exercise will be more successful if you are able to enjoy it. A perfect workout can be:

    -  a stroll in the park
    - taking a class
    - a rigorous hour of tennis
    - using the Stairmaster or Elliptical during your favorite TV show

    Maybe a perfect workout for you includes focusing on your breath in a yoga class, stretching your muscles with Pilates or running while listening to your favorite songs. Any of these workouts will benefit your body, mind and soul, but only if you consistently participate in the activity.  Read more

  • Incrediwear: Products for Pain Relief and Injury

    by Paula Gallagher | July 2, 2014

    The founder of Incrediwear, Jackson Corley, was a chiropractor for over 20 years who shifted his vocational focus to a more global scale after suffering a severe injury when a mountain biking accident left him with three herniated discs in his lower back. Knowing the risk of complications from surgery, Jackson researched alternative healing methods, despite the counsel of his doctors.

    His research in anions (a negatively charged ion) led him to what is now Incrediwear technology, embedded in the fibers of all of his products. He constructed a back brace and within a year he recovered; he was able to run and bike, after being told he may never be able to do these things again. Realizing the potential of his products, Jackson continued developing a line of braces, sleeves, and socks in an effort to help people recover from various ailments.

    How does Incrediwear work?

    Negative ions are negatively charged particles that are both prevalent in nature and released by Incrediwear products. Negative ions have a plethora of health benefits with no known side effects.

    Negative ions stimulate molecular vibration which increases blood flow and blood speed and helps bring more oxygen to the area of use. This helps the body:  Read more

  • Moving More in the Workplace

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | June 9, 2014

    Have a desk job and want to get swimsuit ready? Here are some great ways to be active in the workplace.

    1. Push your chair aside! As I’m writing this now, my computer is propped on top of a box on my desk to give it extra height. There’s no chair and I’m standing and moving while I type!

    2. To take that same idea a step further, invest in a mini stepper or treadmill desk so you’re actually stepping while you type. You’ll be moving so much more than you realize.

    3. Commit to using a rebounder (mini trampoline) whenever you’re at your desk and need to do things that don’t require you to speak or write (for example, I bounce while watching educational videos).

    4. Wear a pedometer, Nike Fuel Band, FitBit, etc. and commit to increasing your steps each day.

    5. No interoffice emailing – walk your message over.

    6. Set an alarm on your computer to go off every hour for a stretch and movement break.  Read more

  • 2 Reasons You Need to Start Exercising... NOW!

    by Paula Gallagher | June 2, 2014

    Need a reason to start exercising? Well, here are two:

    A recent Cornell University study found that post-menopausal woman who were sedentary for 11 hours a day faced a 12% hike in premature mortality compared to those who were sedentary for 4 hours or less per day.

    And according to World Health Organization, physical activity is listed fourth as a major risk factor for chronic disease, after high blood pressure, tobacco use, and high cholesterol.

    Walking, running, yoga, hiking, dancing... the list is endless. Find something you love to do and do it!

    In a post 3 years, ago Debi Silber, the Mojo coach, wrote about the excuses we make that prevent us from exercising, and she made no bones about what she thought of excuses. She suggested the following:

    "You can keep making excuses or you can finally get results. You can take yourself out or you can throw yourself in. You can live a life filled with health, vitality, abundance and joy... or not. The choice is always yours. What will you choose?  Read more

  • Arm Exercises for Summer - With Debi Silber & Dr. Oz

    by Paula Gallagher | May 28, 2014

    So have you started moving yet?

    If you need a little help, watch this video of Debi Silber, aka the Mojo Coach, who recently appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, demonstrating exercises to help us firm up those upper arms!

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