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  • Emotional Eating: What Are You Really Hungry For?

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | June 13, 2016

    midnight-snackWhat is emotional eating? Emotional eating is when we eat to soothe, calm, numb and relax, in response to our problems or our pain. We’re self-medicating, and food is simply our drug of choice.

    Why is this important? First of all it’s important because we may be doing this and not even know we’re doing it. You can’t change what you’re not aware of. In becoming aware, that’s the first step to changing something. Often we’ll be stressed, or we’ll be anxious about something, or there will be an issue that needs our attention... and what do we do? We stuff ourselves to stuff the pain. And we don’t even realize it. Of course, we’re not handling the problem at all and it’s leading to weight gain. Read more

  • 10 Strategies to Prevent Weight Gain While Eating Out

    by Debi Silber, The Mojo Coach | May 24, 2016

    dining-outEating a healthy diet and then you get derailed when dining out?

    Here are 10 simple strategies you can use when you’re going out for dinner, to help you prevent weight gain... starting before you even enter the restaurant.

    1. Wear something fitted. Wearing something fitted gives you that subconscious reminder to keep your choices in check, because you’ll start to feel uncomfortable if you’re overeating.

    2. Start by not being that hungry! Even a small snack of some protein, fiber and healthy fat (an apple with almond butter, for example) will help keep your judgement intact and will allow you to make decisions you won’t regret. Read more

  • Ugly Fruit – Short on Looks, But Big on Taste and Nutrients

    by Margo Gladding | May 10, 2016

    apples-blemishedThe next time you are at the grocery store, you may want to think twice before you pass on blemished or misshapen fruits and vegetables. Not only does cosmetic imperfection cause tons of food waste, but it is now believed that “ugly” fruits and vegetables may be more nutritious for you. Many people even say that they taste better, too. Researchers believe that blemishes could actually cause the produce to have higher antioxidant levels. Stress such as weather and pests cause fruits and vegetables to ramp up their defenses, resulting in higher health-promoting nutrients.

    Here is what the studies show about ugly fruits and vegetables: Read more

  • Fats: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    by Neal Barnard, MD, FACC | April 18, 2016

    soybeansThe latest news – which is creating a buzz on Capitol Hill, stealing headlines, and dividing our country into multiple camps – isn’t the 2016 presidential election: it’s the war against fat. How low should we go? Which kind is best? And what are the long-term outcomes of adopting a low-fat, moderate, or high-fat approach?

    The mystery surrounding fat, which comes in three forms – trans, saturated, and unsaturated – is out: eat a whole-food, plant-based diet to fast-track your health, attack arterial plaque, and slash the risk of both heart disease and an early death. Read more

  • An Apple a Day Keeps Heart Attacks Away

    by Paula Gallagher | April 12, 2016

    fruitRich in antioxidants, mineral, vitamins, fiber and low in fat, fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet. Not only do they taste great, a new study out of the University of Oxford and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences suggests that eating fresh fruit daily may help prevent heart attacks and strokes. In fact, eating a piece of fresh fruit had them same effect as taking a statin. "An apple a day" can be pretty sage advice, after all.

    Researchers looked 500,000 adults from 10 urban and rural localities across China. The team tracked study participants’ health for 7 years through death records and electronic hospital records of illness, and found that the individuals who regularly ate fresh fruit, mainly apples and oranges, were less likely to die from cardiac complications, compared to those who rarely or never added fruit to their diet. Read more


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