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  • Fats: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    by Neal Barnard, MD, FACC | April 18, 2016

    soybeansThe latest news – which is creating a buzz on Capitol Hill, stealing headlines, and dividing our country into multiple camps – isn’t the 2016 presidential election: it’s the war against fat. How low should we go? Which kind is best? And what are the long-term outcomes of adopting a low-fat, moderate, or high-fat approach?

    The mystery surrounding fat, which comes in three forms – trans, saturated, and unsaturated – is out: eat a whole-food, plant-based diet to fast-track your health, attack arterial plaque, and slash the risk of both heart disease and an early death. Read more

  • An Apple a Day Keeps Heart Attacks Away

    by Paula Gallagher | April 12, 2016

    fruitRich in antioxidants, mineral, vitamins, fiber and low in fat, fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet. Not only do they taste great, a new study out of the University of Oxford and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences suggests that eating fresh fruit daily may help prevent heart attacks and strokes. In fact, eating a piece of fresh fruit had them same effect as taking a statin. "An apple a day" can be pretty sage advice, after all.

    Researchers looked 500,000 adults from 10 urban and rural localities across China. The team tracked study participants’ health for 7 years through death records and electronic hospital records of illness, and found that the individuals who regularly ate fresh fruit, mainly apples and oranges, were less likely to die from cardiac complications, compared to those who rarely or never added fruit to their diet. Read more

  • Dr. Hyman's New Book: "Eat Fat, Get Thin"

    by Paula Gallagher | March 2, 2016

    eat-fat-get-thinIn his latest book, Eat Fat, Get Thin, nine-time New York Times best-selling author Dr. Mark Hyman talks about a shocking new medical discovery that turns our understanding of why we get fat and sick completely upside-down. So what is this discovery?

    Well, consider this. We’ve been told by most health and nutrition professionals, leading medical associations, and our government to eat less fat – and countless Americans have followed this advice over the last 50 years. Yet we are sicker and fatter than ever. So clearly, something isn’t adding up.

    As it turns out, Dr. Hyman tells us now that eating MORE fat is the single best thing we can do to lose weight, feel good, live longer, and even prevent conditions ranging from heart disease and cancer to diabetes and dementia.

    For many of us, this raises a number of questions, and to answer these – plus celebrate the launch of Eat Fat, Get Thin – Dr. Hyman has created an excellent Q&A video that he is giving to folks for free. Read more

  • Fiber May Help Lower Risk of Breast Cancer

    by Paula Gallagher | February 2, 2016

    fiber-rich-foodsAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This famous saying certainly seems to be the case in a new study published in Pediatrics that shows that teenage girls who eat a fiber-rich diet may have a considerably lower risk of developing breast cancer later in life.

    In the study, 4,4000 women were asked about their dietary history during their teenage years. Researchers found that those woman who ate a high-fiber diet had a 24% lower risk of breast cancer before menopause, compared with women who ate low levels of fiber. For the women on the high-fiber diet, the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer was also cut by 16%.

    One of the reasons behind fiber intake and reduced breast cancer is that dietary fibers may reduce circulating estrogen levels. Read more

  • Precision Nutrition: 12 Foods for a Diverse Microbiome

    by Neal Barnard, MD, FACC | January 19, 2016

    fermented-foodsIn the age of precision medicine and personalized nutrition, the microbiome steals the spotlight when it comes time to translate what we eat into our overall health. Our gut bugs, who spend most of their time in our gut flora, or digestive tract, may have more influence than our ancestors when it comes time to determine what our future holds, in terms of obesity, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer.

    The good news is the right foods feed good bacteria that export pathogens or toxic intruders away from the body. Over time the right combination of foods – intact whole grains, like brown rice or oats, and fermented varieties, like sauerkraut and kimchi – can create an army of diverse, healthy gut bugs that speed up our metabolism, turn off hunger receptors, support insulin function, and strengthen our immune system. Developing research suggests these tiny gut bugs can even influence our mood. Read more


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