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  • Rx for Winter Skin

    by Paula Gallagher | March 3, 2015

    coconut-oilDry, flaky, itchy skin is common, but even more so in the winter because there is less humidity in the cool air, causing the natural moisture in your body to evaporate more quickly. Even the heat in the house can contribute to the dryness and itchiness.

    So here are some tips for soothing dry, itchy winter skin:

    1. Exfoliate. Gently brush your body with a dry loofah or dry skin brush before you turn on the shower. This will help get rid of dead skin cells that can cause that flaky look. It also helps your skin pores breathe.

    2. Turn down the heat in the shower. Long hot showers strip the body of its natural moisturizing oils. Cooler, shorter showers may not feel great in the moment but will be better for your skin in the long run.

    3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Keep a bottle of almond oil or jojoba oil right in the shower and apply it all over your skin as soon as you turn the water off. Towel off gently and then apply a rich cream all over your body. My favorites are Egyptian Magic and plain organic Coconut Oil. Read more

  • Brigit True Organics Foot Cream for Diabetics

    by Paula Gallagher | June 17, 2014

    People with diabetes tend to have have poor circulation in their small blood vessels, causing the skin on the extremities to first become dry and irritated. If not taken care of properly, skin infections can occur and in extreme cases even lead to amputation.

    Brigit True Organics (BTO) offers hand and body care for people who have diabetes. The Diabeticae line has been created to offer consumers with special skin care needs the benefits of the highest quality organic ingredients.

    Diabeticae Foot Cream is 95% organic and is a circulation booster as well as a moisturizer. The cream is made with organic olive oil, infused with healing calendula and comfrey, and offers multi-tiered relief to diabetics. Combined with shea butter and beeswax, Diabeticae Foot Cream seals in moisture and helps defend against wounds and dryness. Additional essences of three herbs, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender, promote blood flow and support the body's internal moisturizing ability. Plus it feels and smells great.

    Check out other products from Brigit True Organics. They offer a complete line of natural body care crafted freshly, in-house with herbal formulations that reflect both scientific research and traditional healing wisdom. All of BTO's products are 100% natural and 74% - 99% organic, using the highest quality ingredients: organic virgin olive oil, organic herbs, and organic plant essences.

    All Brigit True Organics products are currently on sale during our Big Brands Sale!

  • Safe Summer Tips

    by Paula Gallagher | May 27, 2014

    We hope you had a lovely weekend! Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, which means warmer weather (finally), and the need for sunscreen, bug repellent and allergy support! Here are some safe summer tips for you and your family.

    The Environmental Working Group released their best and safest sunscreens for 2014. Check the list to see if your sunscreen makes the grade. I have mentioned this multiple times but my favorite sunscreen for my little ones is Badger Sunscreen SPF 30. It protects them like no other sunscreen I have tried, especially for my littlest one is very fair. It creates a physical block using zinc oxide.

    For more safe sunscreen options click here.

    With warmer weather also come mosquitoes and black flies. I live up north around a lot of lakes, and although it is beautiful, it is a breeding ground for those pesky blood sucking insects. We use Quantum Buzzaway Insect Repellent to help keep the bugs away. Made with essential oils, it is even safe for my kids to use. Click here for more tips on how to protect yourself against mosquitoes and black flies, as well as recipes for your own insect repellent.  Read more

  • Personal Care Products Sale - 2 More Days

    by Paula Gallagher | April 29, 2014

    There are only 2 days left of our Earth Day Sale, featuring all of our body care products at 25% off.  I thought I would round out some of the blogs we have done featuring personal care products with some of my favorites from brands like Dr. Haushcka, MyChelle Dermaceuticals and Badger.

    MyChelle Dermaceuticals: Sunshield SPF 28. If you are looking for an easy-to-apply, effective and safe sunscreen, look no further. This non-greasy formula will protect you against the sun's harmful rays. Read more here.

    Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream: For this with very very dry skin, this delicate smelling, moisturizer will hydrate without leaving your skin greasy. If it's too heavy, try the light version. Read more about my favorite moisturizer here.

    Best Sunscreens. Every year the Environmental Working Group puts out a list of their top sunscreens, and Badger Unscented Face and Body Sunscreen SPF 30 continually makes the list. Goddess Garden also has a great selection of sunscreens that feel good, work well, and smell wonderful.

    And with Mother's Day fast approaching, this blog offers some great ideas to treat the special woman in your life.

    Our sale ends Wednesday, April 30.

  • Meet the Owner of Skincando on April 26 at Village Green

    by Paula Gallagher | April 23, 2014

    On Saturday, April 26 come in to Village Green to meet the incomparable Sara Damelio, owner and founder of Skincando, the extremely clean line of skin care products that includes the very popular multi-purpose skin salve, Combat-Ready Balm. You can also get 25% of the entire line of Skincando products as part of our Earth Day Sale (through April 30).

    I wrote about Skincando a couple of years ago when we first learned about Sara and her products and started carrying this line at Village Green. Read more click here.

    This is Sara's story:

    It was 1998, and Sara Damelio, a college student, found herself in a skin predicament. Having battled acne since high school, she was thrilled to get a part-time job at one of Washington D.C.’s finest luxury beauty boutiques. She was in hopeful search of ending her problematic skin forever. To her disappointment, however, the unlimited access to top-tier beauty products only further perpetuated her existing skin problems.

    In search for answers, Damelio discovered that many common substances and preservatives used in commercial skincare products are toxic and contain petroleum byproducts and parabens. Deciding to devote herself to learning about natural beauty, she became a licensed esthetician and after several years, an organic beauty specialist.   Read more

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