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  • Thanksgiving Dessert: Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

    by Paula Gallagher | November 15, 2017

    vegan-chocolate-pieThanksgiving is a day for giving thanks for all we have, for overindulging in foods, and hanging out with family and friends. I am thankful for all of these things... and I am also thankful when a delicious dessert ends a fantastic meal! This recipe takes the traditional pumpkin pie and updates into a deliciously decadent dessert that is dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and even pretty healthy. (Shhh, don't tell anyone.)

    Pumpkin, which gives this dessert its pudding-like consistency, is a good source of beta carotene and alpha carotene. Loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals, you’ll get a mouthful of potassium, magnesium, selenium and lutein in every bite, plus a good dose of vitamins A, C and E. Read more

  • Cozy Up With a Cup of Tea

    by Paula Gallagher | November 14, 2017

    cup-of-teaAlthough I love a cup (or three) of coffee in the morning, there is something about a cup of hot tea on a cold morning that I find so soothing. And I am not the only one! According to the Tea Association of the USA, Inc., tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water, and it can be found in almost 80% of all households in the United States.

    And although Earl Grey is still the most popular, more robust teas are gaining popularity. Keep the chamomile and the peppermint tea in stock, but add these teas to your tea repertoire for different flavors and health benefits. Read more

  • Prostate Cancer Prevention

    by Paula Gallagher | November 13, 2017

    man-with-tomatoesOne in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. And although treatment and early detection are important, prostate cancer prevention is critical in slowing down the rate of this disease, as well as other male cancers.

    Prostate cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in men over 75 years old. Age and family history are the primary risk factors. Prostate cancer rarely occurs in men under the age of 45-50 years old. It is also much more likely (double the risk) if you have a first-degree relative with prostate cancer, particularly a brother. Read more

  • Natural Congestion Relief

    by Margo Gladding | November 8, 2017

    colds-and-flu_aNow that we have entered cold and flu season, I often get asked what one can do to help loosen chest congestion and relieve coughs. Two of my favorite herbal products for natural congestion relief, that are best taken together, are Pathway Congest-Eeze and Pathway Ginger Zinger Cough Syrup. I recommend taking them at the first sign of chest discomfort. Herbs such as echinacea, garlic, thyme, licorice, wild cherry bark, ginger and oregano oil all work in combination to support upper respiratory health and immunity.

    In addition, I also highly recommend doing steam inhalations. Read more

  • Dinner Tonight: Vegan Shepherd's Pie

    by Paula Gallagher | November 7, 2017

    vegan-shepherd's-pieOnce November hits, shepherd's pie starts to make an appearance at our house. It is comfort food, and depending on how you make it, it can also be a nutritionally dense food that the whole family can enjoy. The best thing about shepherd's pie is that there aren't any steadfast rules, and it's economical because it's a great way to use up vegetables in the fridge.

    This vegan version is even easier to make than the traditional meat version. And it's much healthier. The protein, fiber, and healthy fat combination of lentils, cauliflower and walnuts creates a low-GI “meaty” meal for even the biggest meat lover. If you've never tried a meatless version of shepherd's pie, now is a good time! Read more


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